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Bernie to Manor: Sorry, Pay Anyway!

manor2Sky Sorts among other sources is reporting that Bernie Ecclestone is demanding that Dauber pay their freight costs both to and from the Australian Grand Prix for failing to participate.

In a sports league reeling from out of control spending requirements to stay competitive, and losing teams to bankruptcy, Bernie refused to lend a helping hand to struggling Manor/Maurussia. In a gallant effort, supported in part by the cash donations of their own fan base, Manor showed up at the Australian GP, but falling short in readiness and cash-flow, were unable to participate in the week’s events. Rather than pay for the shipping costs as is customary for F1/FIA in order to put on their events that earn billions each year, F1 King Bernie Ecclestone has ruled that Manor will have to pay the expenses for their travel – both to and from Australia.

manor3This unsurprisingly unsportsmanlike move by Ecclestone will likely sideline Manor for the next two events.

F1 fans are not surprised, but deserve better from the sport’s leadership. With fans becoming disenchanted, viewership waning, and popularity suffering, this is not a good move for F1 to have made. Sadly, Bernie only sees dollar signs.