When Prost Speaks, We Should Listen

senna-prostAlain Prost is currently an Ambassador for Renault, the embattled designer of the power-plant for the now hapless and disgruntled Team Infinity Red Bull. In spite of his relationship with Renault, a company located in his native France, he is not backing Red Bull’s Team Principal Chriatian Horner and F1 magnate Bernie Ecclestone in their boisterous calls for action against the power of Mercedes.

Prost was quoted by motorsport.com as having said,

prost-renault“I’m not particularly negative,… things have really evolved, though. We’re (Red Bull) reaching the end of a cycle, in a certain way. It’s true there are issues (with the Renault engines), I think and I hope that will be sorted out pretty quickly, maybe within one race or two. People don’t accept it anymore when someone dominates and do a good job. That’s not F1, that’s competition!”

And he should know. Remember, Prost was part of a McLaren Team that dominated F1 for prostyears. In the now famous record setting 1988 season, Prost and legend Ayrton Senna scored all but one pole position and won all but one race. For several years their only competition was each other. There were also periods where other teams like Ferrari and Williams dominated as well.

As one might expect, Alain Prost is right, and right even as the Ambassador for Renault to speak out. Where was Team Red Bull in the headlines complaining about unfair domination when they won 4 championships in a row? Hmmm….







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