Red Bull Disappoints with Threats to Quit F1

bernie-to-mercedesOK, I wasn’t going to say anything because I thought it was just sour grapes. But the news of F1’s team Infinity Red Bull Team threat to quit Formula 1 racing unless there are some rules changes is trending hard in the motorsports world, and is gaining traction.

Before the 2014 Season, team Red Bull was coming into the new rule era defending a 4 year run as Constructors Champion, and with team’s #1 driver, German Sebastian Vettel as a 4-time point Champion driver. But it was clear from day one that Red Bull lagged behind most of the field in being ready to compete at all, let alone defend it’s title. So after struggling all 2014, and finishing with the fewest points since 2009, one can understand Red Bull’s frustration.

That said, the 2014 season started with virtually all the teams critical of the new FIA rules as they pertained to F1. New power-plants meant new chassis design, new aero design – essentially an all new car. Among the teams grousing were Mercedes, who’s team went on to win all but one race that season. However, as the teams began to work out the bugs on their new cars and power-plants, everyone began to get better, and the complaining slowed down as the inevitable was now at hand. Everyone except Red Bull that is. The complaining has continued, ans with 1 retirement  already this year, before the race even started, apparently their embarrassment is too much to bear.

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Brazilian Grand Prix - Qualifying Day - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Red Bull has had enough. Team principal Christian Horner, to Team Owner Dietrich Mateschitz, have expressed that unless the rules in F1 change to go back to a more conventional power-plant and and aero package, that Red Bull will pull out of F1 racing. NOW – even F1 sweetheart and Reigning King of All Things Bernie Ecclestone has joined in this chant, saying about the Red Bull detractors,

They are absolutely 100 percent right,” Ecclestone told Reuters about the need to equalise performance.

Wow. The reveals much. We all know that F1 is half politics. This came to the forefront of the news media when Ayrton Senna said that he knew that Alain Prost used politics to manipulate FIA President Balestre to his favor in arguments against Senna. We also know that F1 is 100% about money – just ask Bernie. When politics and money cross paths, strange things can happen. Red Bull has a lot of money, and they also now have Ecclestone’s ear.

Here’s what this reveals to me:

  • Red Bull are some sore losers. If they cannot win, they’ll quit.
  • Red Bull is spoiled and privileged. If the game cannot be played on their terms, they’ll quit.
  • Red Bull never argued this point about unfair competition when THEY were 20-40 seconds ahead of the next best cars for the 4 years running.
  • Red Bull’s Engineers are not as good as they thought. They could not adapt to the rules changes even after 2 years of trying. If they cannot compete, they’ll just quit.
  • Money can’t buy you everything. they paid more money out than any other team for years, and even after spending all that money, still can;t do as good a job as Mercedes.  so, they’ll just quit.
  • Cheating pays off. Red Bull was sanctioned several times for rules violations in their years of championships. since they cannot figure out how to use their illegal engine mapping system with the new hybrid engines, they’ll just quit.

Poor old Red Bull. Just a bunch of whining quitters.

We’ll see how this plays out, but what a black-eye this fantastic team has become.




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