F1 Rules changes Include Double Points, and Spending Cap


By , F1 Correspondent

Formula One is to introduce a cost cap from 2015 and, perhaps more controversially, will offer double points in the final race of each season from 2014 in an effort to keep the championship alive until the end.

The two changes were among a whole raft announced by Formula One’s governing body, the FIA, on Monday night following a meeting in Paris of the sport’s new rule-making body the F1 Strategy Group and they were immediately approved by the Formula One Commission.

While the cost cap, the level of which has yet to be defined, is arguably the most significant change, it is the introduction of double points at the final race which attracted most attention on Monday night, with many fans dismissing the idea as a gimmick.

The rule will apply to both drivers’ and constructors’ championships, meaning the winner of the final race next year in Abu Dhabi – which is already a controversial choice of venue for the final race of the season – will earn 50 points, with 36 for second place and so on through the top 10.

Had the system been in place in recent years, Lewis Hamilton’s 2008 drivers’ title would have gone to Felipe Massa while Fernando Alonso would have won the 2012 drivers’ title from Sebastian Vettel.

Source: http://www1.skysports.com/f1/news/12040/9065961/formula-one-points-changes-agreed-for-2014-season


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