Fears Confirmed: Raikkenon May Be Quit Lotus Early


Not to say we told you so, but it appears that Kimi Raikkenon may be done with Lotus after this race in Abu Dhabi. In what is being called a “rare outburst” by some media outlets, Kimi has shared his frustrations with the press.

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco - RacePerhaps the last straw on the camels back was the profanity laced tirade from the paddock last week when he was aggressively racing Romain Grosjean, clearly now the darling of the Lotus pits. Kimi responded in kind, and was of course immediately ‘rewarded’ with some fast-acting entrepreneur eternally commemorating the conversation on a t-shirt.  And perhaps it was, but far be it from us to criticize a driver’s passion and commitment when it comes out that he has been driving all year without a paycheck.

F1 Pulse reports that Kimi had to be talked into even racing this week in Abu Dhabi, and that unless the money starts to flow that he would definitely consider calling it a season with Lotus, sitting out the last 2 races in the USA and Brazil.


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