F1 Needs More Time In India

forceindia3Formula 1 needs at least another decade in India to create a racing culture in the country, believes Force India driver Adrian Sutil.

Sutil said the first two races have shown that F1 and motor racing could be big in India.

“I have come to India many times and I see racing is not so big here. One way we can make it big here is by keep coming back year after year. In the 1930s, people in Europe used to race with whatever car they had. Now motor racing has become a high-tech sport, after so many decades,” said Sutil ahead of the Indian Grand Prix this weekend.

“Apparently, your country is improving all the time. The roads are better than what they were two years ago. I hope people start buying sports car. When you have that, the first instinct is to race,” said the German.

He hopes F1 returns to India after the one-year break in 2014. “It would be sad if it didn’t happen,” said Sutil.


The race is off the calendar next year owing to ‘logistical’ reasons and doubts loom over its return in 2015. While teams have praised the event promoted by Jayeep Group, they have also expressed reservations about the tax policies in the country.



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