An F1 Legend Leaving?

Lewis Hamilton Ross Brawn Mercedes Jerez TestRoss Brawn has been the focus of rumors as of late regarding his possible leaving of the Petronas Mercedes AMG Team for parts elsewhere.  Today however, the UK Mirror Sport section is reporting something entirely different.

“Ross Brawn could retire from Formula One at the end of this season. The man responsible for some of the greatest cars in F1 history could call it a day according to Mercedes boss Niki Lauda.”

Sad, but seemingly true. The current kerfuffle is stemming from Team Mercedes bringing in another Tech man, Paddy Lowe from McLaren. 


After talks were concluded at the Japanese Grand Prix at the weekend, Lauda and Brawn agreed to talk again at the end of the season. “It’s down to him now,” said Lauda. “I’d say it’s 50-50.

“We have had some small problems in the team in the past but everything is sorted now. It’s all agreed between him and Paddy and everyone else. He’s No.1. I have tried to persuade him to stay. I want him to stay. We will talk again at the end of the season.”

Leading Mercedes sources have told Mirror Sport that retirement is a possibility.



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