Hulkenberg Too “Big” for McLaren

Nico-Hulkenberg-Sauber-Jerez-Day-one_2896104Single seat racing is by its very definition going to bore out building a car that is light, sleek. While there will always be minimum and maximum requirements to meet based on league rules, generally speaking, the lighter the better.  Think aerodynamic, think compact, think light.

With the silly season well into action, moving drivers to different teams and causing stirring in all the paddocks, Nico Hulkenberg is one of those drivers that seems to be doing quite a bit of sitting of the pot shall we say. Several seats have been mentioned as potential cockpit opportunities for Nico, but McLaren may not be one of

Much press has been given with regards to Hulkenberg terminating his contract with Sauber, most often reported as being caused by a lack of being paid by the financially struggling Sauber Team. But getting into another car, especially in F1 is often…

…difficult, and certainly no guaranty.  Even then 3-Times World Champion Alain Prost had to sit out a year for just such a reason.  While Lotus is also mentioned as a possible landing place for Hulkenberg with the departure of Raikkenon to Ferrari, McLaren was also another hot choice. It seems however that this possibility is cooling off.

The minimum weight of the F1 cars going up next year, but most are saying that this weight increase will not offset the extra weight being gained by the return of the turbocharged V6 powertrains. That being the case, driver weight is a great consideration to team owners and principals then ever.

Most experts are saying that the perfect weight for an F1 driver currently is 60-65 kilos (132-144 pounds). Nico is at a comparative hefty 74 kilos. McLaren is concerned that this may be too much for their cars and is troubled at keeping the horsepower to weight ratio as high as they can get it.

We shall see what the final verdict is, but in the mean time – I know a few jockeys that McLaren might be interested in talking to…


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