More Red Bull Violations in Canada

F1 Grand Prix of Germany - PracticeHaving been released in German newspapers, home of Red Bull #1 Driver Sebastian Vettel, Team Red Bull was caught with an illegal ride height adjustment system on their cars in the Canadian Grand Prix June 9th.

According to FIA Rules, “34.5 If a competitor modifies any part on the car or makes changes to the set‐up of the suspension whilst the car is being held under parc fermé conditions the relevant driver must start the race from the pit lane and follow the procedures laid out in Article 38.2.
In order that the scrutineers may be completely satisfied… that no alterations have been made
to the suspension systems or aerodynamic configuration of the car (with the exception of the
front wing) whilst in post‐qualifying parc fermé, it must be clear from physical inspection that changes cannot be made without the use of tools.

Both Red Bull cars were found by FIA to be equipped with a system that allowed for ride height adjustment without the use of tools (perhaps with compressed gas?). No sanctions were applied. Why?



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