Barrichello to return to F1 in 2014

Rubens_BarrichelloThis being the 2013 ‘silly season” there is lots of F1 news to talk about that came out this weekend. However, this little bit of news warms my heart.

F1Today reports,  F1’s “Iron Man” with more entries and starts than any driver in F1 history, will be returning to Swiss Team Sauber as early as this years climactic race at Interlagos, (now officially called the Autódromo José Carlos Pace) in his Brazilian homeland this November.

With FIA setting an ambitions schedule for the 2014 World Championship, and the second advent of the Turbo V6 and a plthora of rules changes, it appears as though Sauber puts a great deal of value in the experience that Rubens can bring to the team.

As it stands within the current F1 rumor mill, Barrichello will be in the Sauber #1 seat helping to bring Sauber into a more competitive platform, but also to being up newcomer Russian teen Sergey Sirotkin who is expected to fill seat #2.  Sergey Sirotkin, a 19 year old had quite a showing last week at the Russian track Sochi, home of what will be the first ever Russian Grand Prix on the docket for 2014.

Rubens taking the pole at the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2009 for Braun.

With a plethora of new rules changes and the new era of the turbo V6 cars, Sauber is wisely hedging it’s bets by bringing in Barrichello who’s experience spans nearly two decades piloting an F1 car beside such names as Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost and others who man handled turbo V6’s around the track before they were abandoned in 1988. Having lived through so much change and advances in technology from 1993 to 2011 when he was released by Williams, Barrichello spend 2012 driving the Indy Car circuit, and 2013 in the employ of Globo, the Brazilian television network calling F1 races.

Rubens currently has 326 entires, and 322 starts in F1 Grand Prix events, more than any driver in history. His returning will keep active drivers Jenson Button (243 starts) and Fernando Alonso 211 starts) from gaining ground on his record.

Sources: F1 Driving Records:


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